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These stars Saved the lives of their co-stars on the sets and averted the mishaps!!

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There happens some tragedies which were unexpected to happen on the film sets but have proved the most tragic ones. Some incidents which involved the least risk of actor’s life sometimes get turned into the unforgetfull tragedy. While doing some kind of stunts, but thankfully the witty nature of their co-stars prevented their co-stars from major injuries to line up.


While shooting for a scene from the film Dilwaley, Kajol prevented SRK from getting fall from the highest mountain.

Ranveer singh

The actor is known to be quite energetic and healthier who once saved the life of a hair dresser of Frahaan Akhtar on the sets of” Dil Dhadkney do”.

Anushka Sharma

When Anushka was shooting for the film-NH 10 she saved the life of crew members who when a heavy box was about to topple over them.

Varun Dhwan

Varun saved his co-star of the film student of the year from getting drowned.

John Abraham

While shooting for the film “force” actress Genelia was about to fall off, but he holded her immediately.

Karan singh Grover

Karan saved the life of actress Bipasha Basu on the sets of film “ Alone” after which they decide to get marry.

Kushal Tandon

Actor prevented the fall of coffee on his co-actress Aneri and he himself got burnt after that.