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Never Underestimate The Women Power- best Display Of Women’s Role In Some Of The Film!!!

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There was a time when male dominated films were pre-dominant, but now the scenario has changed a lot, women have taken a lead now in playing the powerful and challenging roles in the movies.


Actress Kangana received heavy accolades for the film” Queen” in which she was rejected by her fiancé and she herself went for a honeymoon alone.


Female dominated film in which Peecee essayed the role of Sonia Rai. However Akshay Kumar and Kareena also played in lead, but Priyanka’s role was well appreciated and admired.


Playing the role of Devki Sabarwal was a powerful presentation of a mother who knows how to take revenge for her daughter’s ill treatment.


In this Vidya was featured in the role of a pregnant women who went out to find her lost husband. Role had the real challenge which she surpassed.


Deepika is shown as the daughter of Amitabh Bachchan. The role carried real varieties and proves women hood is never underestimated.