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Tattoo Love In Bollywood, But After Break-up, Its Removal Brings Tear-Watch For It!!

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Nowadays Inking Tattoo has become a widespread fashion not among the bollywood actors but also love of it is running down in the general masses even. Talking about the love for tattoos among the bollywood. There are actors after being mad in love go for inking of Tattoos of their loved ones names. But unfortunately after ending up with the desired love they get these tattoos removed also. Here are some examples of them.

Amy Jackson

The famous bollywood actress Amy Jackson inked the Tattoo of her boy friend Prateek Babbar, but got it away with their break-up.

Prateek Babbar

He also got inked the Tattoo of her girl fiend name- meri pyari Amy which he got removed later after their break-up.

Deepika Padukone

Deepeeka was madly in love with Ranbir kapoor and got inked the tattoo over her neck RK after which she had to make some changes over it with a heavy heart after her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor.

Hirithik Roshan- Susane

Actor Hirithik roshan and his wife Susane went for inking the tattoo at the wrist with the names of each other. However even after the divorce actor never got it removed due to her emotional attachment.