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Roadies Real Heroes contestant wanted to ‘kill’ Priyanka Chopra!!

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A guy named Sarang one of the contestant from the Youth-centric reality shows like Roadies made a startling confession during the auditions of Roadies Real Heroes. What he revealed was just beyond think, he said he wanted to ‘slay’ (kill) global icon Priyanka Chopra because of her dry and rude behaviour.

“He further explained that he was a back dancer and had worked with the actress in the past. In one of the dance performances, Priyanka apparently changed the step in the end moment, which resulted in a lot of trouble for the crew and background dancers including Sarang. This left mentor Neha Dhupia shocked”.

As soon as the video of Sarang’s revelation has on its way on social media, users flooded Instagram with comments.

While many said that Priyanka didn’t do any wrong, others believed his story. A few also claimed that the guy has his own insecurities since Priyanka chopra is one of the most experienced actors an ambassador of UNICEF. So guy with no mental capacity!!!