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117 Days Old Marriage of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas going to die soon? Social buzz!!

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4 month old Wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is soon going to end said International magazine, Ok! Because the couple is not having a good time with each other fighting over everything say it a party, work or whatever. And the couple soon may head for divorce. Jonas family too wants their son to split from Priyanka due to their constant fights and naggings.

Their marriage is hanging by a thread,” the source added.

The anonymous insider has further contended that Jonas believed the actress was “cool and easy going” when they got married, “but recently Nick’s seen a controlling side to her. She also has a temper – that’s something Nick wasn’t aware of until after the wedding celebrations.”

The family thought that Chopra was “this mature woman who was ready to settle down and have kids,” but they now feel she’s a party girl who “acts like she’s 21.”
There are whispers that Nick and Priyanka got married so quickly they didn’t take the time to draw up a prenup.,” added the source.

We might wonder as the couple have been spotted together partying in Miami, with Got star, Sophie Turner and her fiancé Joe Jonas which is evident from their social media handle, the magazine claims that the couple may just trying to avoid an ugly public spat, throwing just a mere gimmick to cover up the feud which is growing between the newly married couple.