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After Swara Bhaskar Comes The Turn Of Shaban Aazmi To get Trolled- In Support Of Kanhaiya Kumar!!

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Bollywood star and social activist Shabana Azmi joined The march included young communist leaders like former Jawaharlal University students’ union leader and presumably a Lok Sabha candidate from Bihar Kanhaiya Kumar.

“We are identified by Ganga and Jamuna and let us keep our identity based on our culture and not on one’s religious affiliation,” the actor said adding the fight was not between two religions but about different political ideologies.

“On one hand there are secular people who believe in equality for all and on the other, there are communal folks who are conspiring to create rift between different religion and culture. We have to understand this difference. It is quite easy to declare anyone an ‘anti-national’ person and we all need to be aware of it,” she said.

She was trolled badly on lending her support to the Kanhaiya Kumar, users were telling her to “go back to Pakistan”, while few have claimed as “Gaddar”