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Bhojpuri Tik-Tok Video  pehle-bole-ki-pura-india-ghumayenge Tik-Tok Video-Top Watch!!!

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Nowadays Bhojpuri cinema is taking a top notch over other regional theatres. Bhojpuri songs Instantaneously slips on everyone’s tongue as soon as they are out.

People started developing huge likes for Bhojpuri actors and people love hooting over their songs. Actors like Yadav Nirala, Aamarpali Dubey, Monalisa, Poonam Dubey, Pawan singh and Rani Chatterji becomes their number one choice as their fan following is not lesser than our bollywood stars. Bhojpuri songs are hitting at BO

Songs from Bhojpuri films and albums are taking internet by storm. Currently, song “Pehley boley ki poora Indian Ghumayengey” is breaking internet like a wildfire spread in a jungle. Youth is going crazy behind these songs and users started making Tik-tok videos out of them, which fetch almost same amount of viewers as fetched on their songs at you-tube.

This song is jointly sung by Gorkha Katuriya and Anuradha Gupta, full of masti and dhamaal will take you on an entertainment drive. Its soulful music helps attracting lot of viewers.