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Malaika Arora Getting Trolled For Her Dance Video Which Is Making Rounds At The Social Media!!

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Bollywood actress Malaika Arora and actor Arjun Kapoor are in limelight with regard to their wedding rumors rounding at the social media sites, however both have yet not made any official announcement to the public about their wedding plans.

But people are speculating as the duo is getting traced every now and then either in the public events or on dinner dates.

Recently the actress was on a vacation mode at Maldives with her friends, seeing dancing on a video Chchainyaan, chchainyaan with her team mates. This video floated at the social media on world’s health day where she was seen in white tee-shirt is buzzing the internet with her hot dance moves.

This video is getting trolled at the social media with the nasty comments of users- asking where is your grandson daadi, and some are telling, “aunty hui jawan in Arjun’s love”

Malaika is a hottie in 45 who strictly follows the work out regime.