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An Important Statement Over the Casting Couch By Actress Sri Reddy!!!

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Tollywood actress Sri Reddy has once again dropped bomb over casting couch controversy in the industry that has been going on for past few months. Sri Reddy wrapped entire industry with her allegations. The actress had even stripped in front of the Telugu Film Chambers of Commerce at the Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad to protest.

Sri Reddy, in an event conducted at Lamakaan on Sunday, once again spoke about sexual harassment. Claiming that aspiring actresses in Telugu were not given movie roles and were only exploited sexually by the casting couch syndrome in Tollywood.

Actress put praise worthy statement over this generous act of CM at the social media account saying her inside pain was at least being felt by our CM after going topless before the Telugu Film Chambers of Commerce which compelled our CM chander shekhar to look seriously into the matter of casting couch who formed a committee of 25 people to investigate into this matter.

Recently her post going viral at the social media in which she is criticizing Pawan Kalyan for putting Ali in Question. Pawan Kalyan completely criticized her act of going Topless, instead she should report at Police station against the accuses involved in the sexual harassment case