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India’s Most Wanted movie review: Looks More Like a Craggy TV show!!!

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Director Raj Kumar Gupta’s “India’s Most Wanted” (IMW) is an action thriller featuring Arjun Kapoor in the role of Prabhat Kapoor, an intelligence officer, who set out to capture Yusuf , India’s most wanted terrorist with a team of trusted lieutenants, without any official permission fails to shell the bombs at the box-office.

Yusuf, is also referred to as India’s Osama Bin Laden who gets captured without being hit by a single bullet forms the core of the storyline. However the characters, and dialogues are unimpressive which run-of-the-mill.

The only dialogue mouthed by Prabhat that moves into your head is, “That man is dangerous for the country, we can’t take a risk, Sir.”

But the most interesting takeaway revealed in the film is why the actor Shah Rukh Khan was hassled by the US immigration, when he travelled to that country.

The lone song in the second half breaks the momentum and gives us relief from the dull narration. The charming Arjun Kapoor appears sleep-walking like other cast members.

The film appears like a weather-beaten television show lacking in cinematic charisma. The cinematography is realistic and the frames appear chaotic.
Overall, the film drains your pocket.