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On AbRam’s birthday, sharing some of his cutest pictures with Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan!!

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Last year during the promotion of film” Zero” king khan revealed in an interaction about the career choices of his three kids.

During an exclusive interaction with the media, he said his daughter Suhana Khan is pretty much clear about her goals in life and interested into acting and theatres like her dad, but he wants her to complete her studies first, I want my kids to complete their graduation before they jump into their desired career, as studies lays the best foundation.

While my middle son Aryan has inclination more towards writing and directing. My youngest son Abraham who completes 6 on 27th May is an innocent and a highly sensitive sibling who may excels earlier than others, star giggled over this. However, its too early to speak about his choice, but yes I want to see him as a tennis player looking at his sensitivity level and innocence. From chilling at birthday parties to accompanying his parents to the voting booth, anything that the cutie does instantly becomes news.

Since we have more warmth for Abraham as he is the youngest one and the innocent too, who is apple of our eyes, it never means our love fades for the elder ones, but since being smallest, he gets more attention from everyone.

Today he turns 7, and many celebrities ringed in his birthday celebrations who was delivered via surrogacy on 27th May, 2013. Though he has just entered his 7th year, but his popularity is twirling more than his other siblings. And often he is spotted with his dad SRK in the public events.

Here are 10 of the cutest pictures of the birthday boy that will definitely put you in a better mood.