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Meghan Markle form her dull fashion choices to her extravagant baby shower – flaunted 77 maternity outfits since September!!!

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A year later, Meghan Markle continues to be the cynosure of all eyes from dissing her fashion choices to blaming her for causing a rift between Prince William and Harry.

But apart from pro-Meghan and anti-Meghan world, it’s the news surrounding her pregnancy that continues to grab everyone’s attention.

A recent report by The Sun revealed the amount of money Meghan spent on the jewellery she flaunted during her pregnancy. The report writes, “Meghan Markle’s pregnancy is estimated to have cost a staggering £800,000 – equalling just over $1 million.” Apart from the other expenses, the former actress spent £385,000 on her maternity wardrobe.

The report says more on “As the world rejoices at the announcement of the safe arrival of Meghan and Harry’s baby boy, we take a look at the luxurious expenses involved in the pregnancy. When added up, the cost of Meghan’s pregnancy comes to an astonishing $1,088 million dollars, making young Archie a Million Dollar Baby of the royal family.” Said to be at least seven times more expensive that Kate Middleton’s maternity wardrobe.