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Some Esoteric Fashion choices of Delhi University students- some candid moments!!!

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One of the most pursued universities in India is Delhi University which is expected to be full of life with students, waiting to get a seat in their desired college bursting admission season in Delhi University’s north campus . However, first cut-off list was released today, DU has no dearth of people, setting fashion trends, besides academics.

As we stepped out of the metro station today, we see everything is trending and students are flaunting different styles, cuts and silhouettes with such confidence and ease. From kurtas to crop tops, from sneakers to slip-ons, the girls and boys at DU keep it simple, comfy and yet amazingly trendy.

Here’s comes the glimpses from the inner fashion vaults of one of the most esteemed universities of India:

A model and student of History Honours, Yashvi, here tells us that Sarojini Nagar Market is her go-to place for street shopping, while retail outlets like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 simultaneously make it to her favourites’ list.

Tushar Pulist is a third-year student keeps his fashion simple, clean and summer-friendly. He loves wearing knee-length capris, pairing them up with basic tees.

Another student Anamika seen posing in a plain black satchel and a loose black full-sleeves top, tucked into a striped palazzo. She says Majnu Ka Tila. “It’s good for dresses,” says Anamika.

She picks up different things from different parts like, buying her shoes from Hauz Khas, accessories from Forever 21, and most of the college wear from Kamla Nagar.

One can always pair a kurta with the evergreen pair of black leggings/jeggings.

Dawood looks polished in a pair of grey jeans and a powder-blue shirt. While his backpack is also a good choice:

Working for a political student society, Abhigyan finds DU a chill place as he walks . into college with my pyjamas on and no one judges me.” Watch Abhigyan owning his pyjama and kurta look like a boss:

Avinash Tanwani found in chequered black and red shirt with a light blue pair of jeans completes the look with black shoes, was enjoying helping freshers in their admission process says Janpath is for girls. I go to Kamla Nagar for street buying and retail shops like Brand Factory, Central and Max Fashion otherwise.”

Here, we have a student of Sanskrit Honours, assisting eager freshers. Looking all smiles, we click him in a candid moment:

A sociology student tucked her tank top inside her jeans and accentuated the look with a statement belt keeping her footwear simple and hassle-free.