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MLA’s Daughter Seeking Attention on the name of holly institute marriage-says Payal Rohtagi!!!

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The former Bigg Boss contestant Payal Rohatg is garnering media attention being a true nationalist due to her strong support to her religion Hinduism, slut shamming all anti nationalists I ncluding bollywood celebs.

Actress has recently taken a dig on the case of the daughter of BJP MLA from Bareilly Rajesh Mishra- Sakshi, whose videos demanding security for herself and her husband had gone viral on social media.

Speaking to it, Payal says, saakshi against her parents will is now being projected as an innocent in the videos which is never as it looks. The girl is digging politics against her own family, might be due to certain pressures from the Groom’s side to seek security from his dad over her major blunder or it looks political more.

She knows in countries like India raising caste and creed issues will create a stir and definitely become a major pathway to stay in news for some times and becoming the media grabber as long as she doesn’t get proper security from her parental side.

Speaking further Payal says the man whom Saakshi married with, already had one broken engagement, and many other truths are being unfolded slowly about this man.

Its is obvious, if a 19 year old girl marries a man going against the will of her parents, definitely deserves scolding’s, rejections and shrieking, but that doesn’t make sense to publicize personal issues at such a political level, I am sure her brain is washed by her in-laws to speak such ill things about her own father who is into politics to get the things done more at ease by putting more disgrace to his father.

I never support casteism and our religion is secular which never supports such issues, but in this case it is done willingly to bring all these at the social meida platform, since in UP BJP rules.

Its shows how our media is sold out and doing all which is claiming them as anti-nationals.

Payal Rohatgi’s Twitter account was blocked by Mumbai Police and the actress decided to take up the matter to a higher authority and hence emailed BJP President Amit Shah.