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Serious Water Threat To the Residents Of Girish Heights Imposed By Rai Builders!!

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Water is a necessary component for the sustenance of life. but not the disinfected water. I am hereby to bring into the notice of NMC Nagpur and higher authorities including city’s eminent Rai builders that residents of Girish heights , LIC square are suffering enormously with a huge dump dug by Rai builders just at the back of this huge society for carrying out his commercial building plan since from past a year.

Immediately, over a night he dug a large hollow pit on the land, for executing his commercial building plan which was previously owned by Bharat talkies where by now Dargah exists.

But all of a sudden due to the breakage of some pipeline water starts accumulating in this hollow ditch area, resulting in the formation of huge and deep , pond of stinking water, making a place to breed mosquitoes well.

Since being commoners our society management took this issue to both Rai builders and NMC and there started the paper communication with the former authorities leading to total wasteful activity.

Even after our constant knockings, Builder kept this issue under the wrap for long , blaming one another for the cause. He never got ready to pay heed to this serious water logging condition which may turn into some harmful conditions soon.

Residents of Girish Heights are the ones who are defectively affected by the formation of this huge stinking pond, failing to open their windows and balcony doors facing towards this pond of fetid water.

Currently, monsoon sets in and 56 families of the society are at the worst verge to get unanimously affected by the mosquitoes reproducing in an open water body.

Kids playing downstairs in the evening could be harmed easily by the mosquitoes breeding in this pond of feited water.

Being an aware citizen I request higher authorities to look into this matter very seriously. We are least interested to know whether it’s a religious issue or Builders own interest, but we should get rid of this foul smelling accumulated water as early as possible.

Otherwise, results could be very drastic and families residing here could bear the huge irreparable cost just merely for anyone’s money minting business game.

Currently, some cases come up when tap water started getting mixed up with this stinking water, underway reaching now into our kitchens and bathrooms.

Now, You can imagine the severity of this issue, how can one stay calm over this life threatening issue when it started taking a toll over individuals life?.

I on behalf of all the residents of Girish Heights request your good self to take this matter critically and resolve this issue at the earliest possible.