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Some Hollywood Divas Tops The Instagram Rich list 2019- fashion!!!

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America’s top model Bella Hadid tops the instagram Rich list 2019- fashion. Check out the 10 fashion instagram sensations.

American’s super model Bella Hadid topped the 2019 instagram rich list who once won the model of the year award 2016. This model has 25 million followers on intsgram and earns $86,300/instagram post. She was placed at 34 in the list.

The lying and stealing actress Emily Ratajkowski comes second in the list after Bella Hadid who was placed at 37 in the list.

Chiara Ferrgani from Italy secures position 3rd in the list has 16.8 million fan followers at the instagram an earns $ 58, 300 per post. Apart from fashion model she is a renowned businesswoman also. She was placed at 43.

SouthAfrican supermodel Swaneopoel stood fourth in the overall list having 13.5 million followers earning 46,700 per/post over instagram. Candice was placed at number 49. She is philanthropist also.

Italian playboy Gianluca Vacchi secures 5th position in the overall list and has 12.9 million fan followers who earns $44,600per instagram post. He was placed at number 51.

Victoria’s secret angel Rosie Huntigton –Whiteley came 6th in the fashion list having 9.7 million fan followers and earns $33,700 per post. She was placed at number 57.

Italina rapper, composer Fedez aka Frederico Lucia secures 7th in the list, having 8.2 million followers , having $28,500 per insta post. He was placed at 65.

Global fashion influencer Camila Coelho secures 8th postion in the fashion list, having 8.1 million followers earns $28,000 per instagram post. She was placed at number 66.

American fashion designer Lauren Conrad stood 9th in the list, has 6.2 million followers who earns $21,400 per instagram post. She was placed at number 72 in the overall list.

Italian Fashion designer and blogger Mariano Di Vaio come 10th in the Instagram Rich list 2019, has $ 21, 300 instagram / post. In the overall list she is placed at 73.