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Nude Yoga Pose of this haseena takes you away on cloud 9- watch inside for more !!!

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Tally star Abigail Pande who made her debut entry by Kya Dill Mein Hai is once again hogging limelight but for another reason. Once again after 2007, she started ruling the hearts after her spectacular performances in Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, over the years.

But this time diva is creating buzz after she posts topless yoga photo at the social media handle. This act triggered her fan list instantly and her inbox is flooding her photos with positive comments.

he 27-year-old actress is seen donning in yellow bikini panty, tying hair in a messy bun on top, is seen clasping hands behind back yoga pose.

She captioned her post, “My many words may not be able to express how much I appreciate what @nude_yogagirl is doing. Many of You may not resonate with her insta handle but don’t we all know how attractive headlines and titles walk you towards what a person is trying to express, do we not know that judging a book by its cover is not the ultimate climax, so yeah! Nude and yoga might not have anything in common but it’s expression together may mean world to people who experience it, I was shy and scared and fearful of taking a shot that might make me feel liberated.”

There’s a crazy monkey on the loose and we need to do something about it ?????? #justhangingout #quiteliterally

को Abigail :)) (@abigail_pande) द्वारा साझा की गई पोस्ट

“Only because I kept thinking what others would think, my friend and also my photographer plus bodyguard in the moment @aashkagoradia said “Abby, let go off the fear of what others think, it won’t make you feel empowered.” Just in that moment I let go off, in my mind I knew there is no watching me but me, and just in that moment I had to let go, for me. Here’s my story what’s yours? #nuedisnormal,” her caption further read.

Abigail, often shares motivational workout photos and videos on Instagram. Check out some of them below.