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Indian based Doctor Bhasha Mukherjee Crowns” Miss England” – A PROUD MOMENT!!!

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23-Year-Old Indian-Origin Doctor Bhasha Mukherjee is making headlines for all the right reasons. Recently crowned Miss England 2019. Busting all the stereotypes that pageant contestants are self-involved and superficial. The Beauty pageant holds two medical degrees with an IQ of 146 makes her a genius.

“Some people might think pageant girls are airheads, but we all stand for a cause,” she said before the contest.

The 23-year-old holds a degree in medical sciences and one in medicine and surgery from the University of Nottingham. She began her modeling career when she was in medical school.

Doctor’s parents moved to Swindon in 2004 from Calcutta when she was 9. Now stays in Derby . She has a command on 5 five languages including French and German.

“I couldn’t tell if I was more nervous about Miss England or about starting my job as a junior doctor in a hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire on Friday ,” she said after her win. She would model when she took a break from her studies despite the odds.

After conquering England she will be entering the Miss World contest next, representing the UK.

As a prize for winning the contest-Miss England 2019, she will bag a holiday to Mauritius.