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Kim-Kardashian’s failed epic photoshops!!

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Diva, who has a mammoth fan following of 146 million followers on Instagram, makes sure to treat fans with her hot and sultry photos also grab limelight for some of her failed photoshop game. And to her every single shot fans never let it go unnoticed.

From accidentally adding an extra toe to missing out an entire arm while editing and sharing, there have been many such cases actress was accused of tampering with her images, take a look at some of her failed pictures;

Diva’s latest failed photoshop from her collab with Kylie, were ecstatic, Kim’s photoshopped foot started making rounds on the social media. Take a look:

When Kim Kardashian shared a post with a compressed car, she might have thought that no one is going to notice it. But, her photo went viral in no time.

‪Let’s March! @AMarch4OurLives @EveryTown (Wear Orange) ? BACKGRID

को Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) द्वारा साझा की गई पोस्ट

Even when Kim shared a photo of her extremely contoured face, fans wasted no time in telling her how photoshopped her skin tone looked.

She failed to edit her kimoji perfume in her old photos for which she was slammed by the netizens.

Her next click when the curve in the door is the result of photoshop fail and netizens know it.

Noel took a photo from June 11 and photoshopped a Kimoji fragrance in it. This is getting sad. Come home soon Kris! (Spotted by @andraapop)

को SAY BIBLE | Kardashians (@saybiblepodcast) द्वारा साझा की गई पोस्ट

No brownie points for spotting that missing arm! A heavily photoshopped pic, she forgot to take a look at her left arm.


को Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) द्वारा साझा की गई पोस्ट

Getting right for the new year

को Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) द्वारा साझा की गई पोस्ट