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Prabhas leaves you more exhausted than expected his role in Sahoo!!

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Writer-director Sujeeth’s biggest action thriller, Saaho gets into the action mode pretty early on. The film starts with a grim-looking men, who mean serious business all through the first half.

The high stake robberies in Mumbai were described and the search of the missing black box that is a key to a fortune.

Prabhas, with a loud, high-octane fight scene that sets the stage for many more such confrontations. Larger-than-life role the way his character unfolds, it keeps the viewer guessing . This one man restore the balance of power and defeat the bad guys?

Damsel in distress Shraddha Kapoor looks glamorous, who often needs to be saved rather than she saving the world. Even the chemistry between the lead pair is missing.

Among all the villains, Chunkey Panday as Devraj stands out with a very convincing portrayal of his evil character rest all were mere caricatures. Attempts to infuse humour fall flat as none of the jokes land.

Saaho’s second half picks pace, but is flawed by a weak narrative and lack of special effects which marred the finesse that a film mounted on such a grand scale deserved.

There are so many twists and turns that it leaves you more exhausted than excited.