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This American Beauty is hotter than 1000 sun’s- look inside for the pictures!!!

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American model-actress Clara Wilsey is the hottest of all the women’s who escalates sexiness every time when she slips into bikini.

Diva turned 22 yesterday who love to flaunt her impeccable curves online when has nothing to do subjectively.

Clara has been published in the leading magazines like GQ and others.

She debuted in Hollywood in 2015 with the film Ballers whose latest release is Tall Girl.

Clara is a personified hot beauty in black & white striped skimpy bikini.

Look into her wardrobe abs which are postcard worthy.

Flaunting her chiseled curves is something her specialty which makes her fans glued to her.

She rocks in her two-piece bikini looks like a boss.

Diva is raising the hotness bar with her accentuated body.

We wish her a very happy birthday with all the success for her future life.