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Boldest side of Kangana Ranaut says: parents should be okay with children having sexual partners

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Manikarnika actress kangana Ranaut is one such bold actress who can always speak in volumes on the subjects which everyone else is hesitant to talk about in public. One such subject which is taken up promptly in length by this Diva is an idea about “Sex”.

Lets share her ideas about the question being raised in a recent media summit- Why it is important for parents to encourage their children to have safe sex and why the kids should have responsible sex?

She candidly put forth her opinion about how the idea of sex has still not settled in the minds of many parents?

She also shared the reaction of her parents how they were shocked to know that she’s ‘sexually active’.

Below are the part from her interaction:

“Sex is an important aspect of everyone’s life. When you want sex, just have it. Don’t be obsessed. I think our whole system has become haywire. There was a time when as a kid itself you were told that this is your husband and your emotions were directed to that person. Obviously sex they would do only when it’s the right age but at least your emotions were directed to that person. However, in today’s gen, most of us only get married after 30, so when the main age wherein your hormones are over your head, jumping out of your body, is in your teenage or 20s’. All that time is very difficult but during that time the girl and boy are not willing to marry. Moreover, what I feel is if we look at our Indian history and our spiritual land, because of invasions, people’s ideas are still there. Even if spirituality is killed but it’s so deep rooted that people get small ideas out of it. Like take for instance my parents and I am sure every parent thinks similarly that our religion or our scriptures don’t allow sex or any kind of indulgence. But I feel it’s not true.”

Speaking further how Sex become psychological illness, she said:

“When we see brahmacharis, they use a lot of advance techniques in their body itself to use their sexual energy transform into some other energy. But you, without those techniques, try to supress those emotions, and it ends up becoming very volatile in your head. So little things like you want to be western but don’t want to give up on spirituality, Indianness, so the idea of sex has become a cocktail, more like a pyschological illness.”

“So obviously we cannot go back in time. My great-grandparents were exchanged as babies on a plate. Then my great-grandmother came home when she was about 8 years old and then they finally had sex when they were teenagers. So such things obviously don’t happen today”, she said.

Giving a final message to parents, Kangana concluded,

I think parents should be okay with children having sexual partners and children should be having responsible sex. They should definitely use protection and monagomy is very important. Changing partners is not nice, it will just mess with your system. To keep it simple, I think when a child hits adolescence, should know automatically. Like my parents were shocked when they got to know that I am sexually active. So what do they expect? My mother got married when she was 19 and father was 21. So I don’t know what they expect but I want to say to parents they should be okay and they should encourage children to have safe sex.”