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Soothes sore eyes with her Bikini Avatar: Nevena Krstic!!!

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This Serbian model brought a swirling cyclone at the social media handle with her hot bikini pictures.

Check out some of her bikini moments from the Instagram.

Nevena Krstic become the hottest instagram sensation with her uber sexy avatar displaying her sexy side which is jaw-dropping.

She looks no less than an enchantress in a white bikini with a white backdrop.

Donning in black lingerie she looks hotter than thousand suns holding the paint brush in style.

In a black lingerie she gave the ever raunchiest scene that could have been given by anyone in front of camera.

Striking the coolest pose to the lens in the cuddles of water is something difficult to miss.

Unfiltered boldness is personified in a monochromatic combination of black and white.

Stunningly gazing at the camera beaming a smile on her face in a black beachwear rocks in style.

Looks gorgeous in a blue print bikini , and in the next picture o my god she rather looks goddess of seduction in a red lacy bra with a calvin Klein panty is just a heartthrob for the males.