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Proposed Architecture of Ram Temple at Ayodhya!!!

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Revealing the first look Of Ram Janam Bhumi how the grand Temple would look like. The new design of the temple will have more grander and bigger compare to earlier plan, which had 3 domes lesser than the recent architectural plan. The structure’s height is increased by 20 feet.

The Shree Ram Janambhoomi Teerth Kshetra has unveiled several pictures of the proposed model of Ram Mandir.

The Shree Ram Janambhoomi Ram Mandir will be a unique example of Indian Architecture.

The temple will be the manisfestation of divinity and grandeur.

The ceremony has already begun in Ayodhya with the offering of prayers at Hanumangarhi as part of ‘Nishan Pooja’.

Enforcing special protection In Ayodhya by sealing the borders of this Holy City ahead of the PM’s arrival.