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Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal confesses that ‘will go mad’ if she happens to have film with Salman Khan!!!

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Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal confesses to IANS tha “If I ever do a movie with Salman Khan, then I will go mad, hinting about the extreme outcome if she ever gets a chance to do a film with Salman” Sara told IANS.

Bigg Boss 14 housemate Sara Gurpal is a popular Punjabi singer who credits the Punjabi entertainment industry for becoming a part of this huge national channel programe Bigg Boss. Cheers to Punjabi industry.

Punjabi singer Sara is proud of the work she has done back home. She says getting a break on a huge national platform as “Bigg Boss” is all thanks to her work in the Punjabi entertainment industry.

“It is because of Punjab I am where I am today. So, that will always be number one. People know me because I have worked in Punjab. ‘Bigg Boss’ happened because of that work,” she said.

Sara, however, has her plans in place after her stint in Punjab and on “Bigg Boss”.

“The third step is expected. I have never worked in Mumbai. I had once shot in Madh Island but I have never worked here. But there is always a way. If I get something after this (Bigg Boss), then of course, definitely (I will work in Mumbai). Who doesn’t want to say, ‘I tried for Bollywood’?” she said.

“I have done a lot of work in Punjab, but here (Mumbai) there is an ocean (of work). You are like a fish in the sea and there you are a fish in the pond,” she explained.