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‘Huawei to open its biggest flagship store in Saudi Arabia’

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'Huawei to open its biggest flagship store in Saudi Arabia'

Beijing, Jan 17 (IANS) Chinese smartphone giant Huawei is planning to build its largest store outside China in Saudi Arabia.

Huawei has signed a leasing contract with Saudi Arabia’s ‘Kaden Investment’ for the store that would allow the Chinese company to have direct access to consumers. With the growing demand for digital products and services in the country, Huawei could directly contact consumers, reports GizmoAlpha.

Saudi Arabia expects that by 2022, its internet usage would reach 82.6 per cent of the population from 73.2 per cent in 2017.

Saudi Arabia is retaining its ties with Huawei and according to Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Administration, there is also an agreement with Huawei to use AI in recognizing Arabic language and characters.

Huawei is facing a lot of challenges in retaining the sales figures outside of China due to the US pressure.

However, some analysts believe that US President-elect Joe Biden may not continue to punish Huawei as severely as Donald Trump did during his term as the President. Biden would formally take office on January 20.




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