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UP health worker’s death not due to Covid jab: Report

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UP health worker's death not due to Covid jab: Report

Lucknow, Jan 18 (IANS) The post mortem report of a 46-year-old government hospital employee in Moradabad, who died on Sunday evening, 24 hours after receiving a Covid vaccine shot, has found that the immediate cause of death was ‘cardiogenic shock/septicemic shock’ due to ‘cardiopulmonary disease’.

The district’s Chief Medical Officer has said the death is unrelated to vaccination.

Ward Boy Mahipal Singh died after complaining of chest congestion and breathlessness. According to his family, he had been unwell before the jab.

The deceased’s son told reporters that he may have been unwell before the vaccination, but that he felt worse after receiving the shot.

“My father left the vaccination centre around 1.30 p.m., I brought him home. He was feeling breathless and he was coughing. He had a bit of pneumonia, the usual cough and cold, but he started feeling worse after returning home,” Mahipal Singh’s son Vishal said.

Dr. M.C. Garg, Moradabad chief medical officer, told reporters that “Dharampal’s death is not related to vaccination. He did night duty on Saturday too and there were no problems.”

In a press release, the Uttar Pradesh government said it vaccinated 22,643 people on Saturday, day 1 of India’s Covid Vaccination drive.

The next day of vaccination in Uttar Pradesh is Friday, January 22.




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