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Beneficiary dies after taking vaccine in K’taka, report awaited

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New Delhi, Jan 20 (IANS) A total of four people have died following immunisation against coronavirus till now, but the death of three of them have been found to be not related to the vaccination, while the post-mortem report of the fourth person is awaited, the government said on Wednesday.

Four persons have died till now – one in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad district, and two in Karnataka’s Bellary and Shivamogga districts and one in Telangana’s Nirmal district.

According to the post-mortem reports, the man in UP died due to cardio-pulmonary disease, while both the beneficiaries in Karnataka died due to myocardial infraction. Post-mortem of the Telangana resident is going on.

The country has vaccinated 7,86,842 healthcare workers since the commencement of the nation-wide vaccination drive on January 16. “No case of severe or serious adverse event following immunization attributable to Covid-19 vaccination,” Additional Secretary in the Union Health Ministry, Manohar Agnani, said.

On Wednesday, 1,12,007 people were vaccinated across 20 states. Karnataka vaccinated 36,211 people, highest amongst all the states, followed by 22,548 in Andhra Pradesh and 16,261 in Maharashtra.

Besides this, Agnani said that a new feature of ‘Allot beneficiary’ in ‘Ongoing session’ has been added to the CoWin application to allow maximum possible number of beneficiaries per session and have better coverage.

The enhancement has also been done so that pre-registered beneficiary in the database can be added to the session as additional beneficiary over and above the scheduled number of beneficiaries.

Thirdly, the new feature will ensure that the person’s name can be searched in the database by mobile number. Notably, provisional certificate will now be given after first dose and final certificate after second dose to every beneficiary.




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