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Biden starts off inauguration day with Catholic church service

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Biden starts off inauguration day with Catholic church serviceBy Arul Louis

New York, Jan 20 (IANS) Joe Biden, only the second Catholic to be elected President of the United States, started the inauguration day with a mass at the St Matthews Cathedral in Washington.

After the service was over, he motored down to the Capitol for the swearing-in ceremony, where he was greeted by the Marine Corps band.

The church service was closed to the media, but a pool reporter who was allowed into the before mass began reported that fellow-Catholic Nancy Pelosi as well as others belonging to other Christian sects like Republican Party’s House of Representatives leader Kevin McCarthy, and Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, who is Jewish were also at the church.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris belongs to the Baptist sect of Christianity and her husband Doug Emhoff, who is Jewish, were also present.

John F. Kennedy was the first non-Protestant elected President.

Religion dominates politics and public events in the US, even if some liberal Americans and media sneer at other countries.

A Catholic priest is scheduled to say a prayer before the swearing-in ceremony and a Protestant priest is to give a benediction.

Even the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump began in the House of Representatives with a prayer by a Christian priest.

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