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Indians do not associate Tibet as China’s integral part

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New Delhi, Jan 20 (IANS) Indians do not readily associate Tibet as China’s integral part, as per the IANS C-Voter Tibet Poll. The survey included a sample size of 3,000 people spread across the country.

Another importat finding of the survey is that 25.3 per cent of the people understan that “Tibet is a state occupied by China”. The survey also claimed that 20.8 per cent people believe that “Tibet is a state in India”.

Only 6.6 per cent said that Tibet is part of China and, interestingly, 6.2 per cent believe that it is part of Nepal.

Further, 20.4 per cent people have no clue about Tibet. A total 11.7 per cent people believe that it is an independent country.

But going beyond these optimistic lines, the fact remains that almost 3 out of 4 Indians do not have the right idea about the status of Tibet.

Tibet was an independent entity which was taken over by China in 1950. China had sent in thousands of troops to enforce its claim on the region in 1950. Some areas became the Tibetan Autonomous Region, while others were incorporated into neighbouring Chinese provinces.

Currently, India and China are engaged in a bitter border dispute along the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladkah for the last nine months. Indian troopers are ready for a long haul along the LAC even as they hope for an amicable solution to the conflict with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

China had changed the status quo along the LAC at various places, moving inside the Indian territory. India has objected to it and is taking up the matter with China at all levels.




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