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Covid vaccine acceptance in Telangana drops to 57 per cent

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Hyderabad, Jan 21 (IANS) The Covid vaccine acceptance rate among targeted beneficiaries in Telangana slumped to 57 per cent on Thursday, the fourth day of vaccination in the state.

Out of 48,447 public healthcare workers who were planned to be vaccinated on Thursday, only 27,682 were vaccinated.

This is the lowest acceptance rate recorded in the state so far. It was 92 per cent on the first day, which came down to 80 per cent the next day. According to officials, 71 per cent of targeted beneficiaries had taken the vaccine on January 18.

With Thursday’s figure, the total number of public healthcare workers vaccinated so far in the state rose to 97,307.

Director of public health and family welfare Dr G. Srinivasa Rao said the cumulative percentage of beneficiaries received vaccine so far stands at 68 per cent.

The vaccination resumed on Thursday after a day’s gap. The number of centres was brought down to 726 from 886 on January 19. No reason was given for this.

The authorities had given the vaccine at 140 centres on the first and increased the number to 335 the next day.

The director said no case of serious/severe AEFI (adverse effects following immunization) were reported on Thursday. Six minor AEFI were reported and all are stable, he added.

Vaccination was conducted in all 33 districts for the healthcare workers serving in central and state government institutions.

In all 83 beneficiaries developed reactions so far but all of them said to be minor reactions associated with all vaccines.

A 42-year-old male healthcare worker, who had taken the jab on Tuesday, died the next day in Nirmal district. The officials, however, said it was not related to vaccination.




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