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CWC demands repealing of farm laws, JPC probe into chat leak

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New Delhi, Jan 22 (IANS) The Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Friday passed three resolutions, including a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe over the alleged chat leak endangering the national security.

A resolution demanding withdrawal of three farm laws was also passed while the CWC also appreciated the scientist and appealed to the people to come forward for the Covid vaccination.

The virtual CWC meeting chaired by Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi was attended by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former party chief Rahul Gandhi and several other senior leaders.

Addressing the media after the CWC, Congress General Secretary (Organisation) K. C. Venugopal said, “The CWC expressed its concern at the recent revelations exposing in the sordid conversations that have undoubtedly compromised national security. It is clear that among those involved are persons in the highest echelons of government and there has been a breach of secrecy concerning vital and sensitive military operations.”

The CWC also questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central government silence on the issue.

“The CWC demands a time-bound investigation by a JPC to enquire into the breach of national security, violations of the official secrets act and the role of the persons involved,” he said.

Talking about the three farm laws, Venugopal said, “The CWC noted that these three laws impinge upon the Constitutional rights of states and constitute the first step in dismantling the three pillars of the edifice of food security built up over the past decades — MSP, public procurement and the PDS.”

He reiterated that the three farm laws did not pass the Parliamentary scrutiny as they were bulldozed by muzzling the voice of the Opposition, particularly in the Upper house.

He said that these laws, when implemented, will affect every person of the country as pricing of all food products would be at the mercy of a handful of people.

“There is only one demand of farmers and farm labourers — repeal the farm laws. “But the government continues to side step, malign, deceive and hoodwink the farmers by attempting to tire out, intimidate and divide the farmers,” he said.

“The CWC demands the Modi government to forthwith repeal the three farm laws,” Venugopal said.

“We have decided to hold block level programmes throughout the country before February 10, followed by a district level agitation and convention before February 28. There will be a massive convention before February 28 at state level to show solidarity with the farmers,” he added.

Venugopal also said that during the Parliament’s Budget session that is scheduled to start from January 29, the Congress along with the opposition parties will stand against these anti-farm laws and will put pressure on the government to repeal these three laws.

Speaking about the final resolution on the Covid vaccine, the Congress leader said, “The CWC places on record the appreciation of scientists, researchers, who worked tirelessly to develop the Covid-19 vaccine in a record time.”

He said that the CWC also noted with concern that there is a complete lack of “clarity” about availability of the vaccine for citizens as there is no timeline by the government for vaccination beyond the first three crore people.

The CWC also demanded that the Covid vaccine should be provided for free to the disadvantaged, marginalised poor sections particularly the SC, ST and the OBC within a time bound manner.

He further said that the CWC also expressed its dismay over the reports that vaccine may be sold in open market for Rs 2,000 for two dosage per individual.

He said, “Such profiteering in times of grave adversity simply cannot be permitted and the government needs to explicitly declare a clear policy in this regard.”

He further said that the CWC also urged the government to take all steps necessary to overcome the hesitancy of the front-line health workers on Covid vaccination.

The CWC also demanded that the state government should be given the option of laying out a state-specific order of beneficiaries, so that the vaccination programme is taken forward with utmost speed and efficiency.

“The CWC appeals to the people to come forward without any hesitation and avail the vaccination,” Rajasthan MP said.




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