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BJP kisan morcha chief Chahar

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Panaji, Jan 23 (IANS) Farmers, especially from Punjab, are being instigated by political parties, to oppose the three central farm laws, while 60 per cent Indian farmers support the new laws, BJP’s national Kisan morcha president Rajkumar Chahar said on Saturday.

“The three laws are aimed at benefiting Indian farmers by increasing their returns. Farmers across the country will be benefited by the reforms. These reforms were needed. But some farmers, especially those from Punjab, have been influenced by doubts which have been planted in their minds and made to oppose them,” Chahar told a press conference in Panaji at the Bharatiya Janata Party state headquarters.

“The reforms will benefit farmers across Goa and India. The youth will move towards farming. Farmers organisations are not even paying heed to the directions given by the SC. Congress and other political parties in India are shooting from the shoulders of the farmers, because they know that Narendra Modi is so popular that they cannot make a dent,” Chahar said.

“This is a conspiracy to agitate the farmers. 60 per cent of the farmers support this bill. Only some farmer agitations are opposing it,” he added.




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