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Father, son shot dead in Agra over a goat

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Agra, Jan 23 (IANS) A minor dispute with a neighbour over a goat resulted in the death of a father and son in a village in Agra district.

Basauni police station officials said after the twin murders on Friday, the accused has been absconding.

Villagers of Pura Shiv Lal of Bah tehsil told the police that a goat belonging to Bheekam Singh entered the house of Gyani.

Someone hit the goat with a stick, breaking its leg, which infuriated the family members of the goat owner. Gyani fired his pistol at 20-year-old Jitendra and his father Bheekam. Both died on way to the hospital.

Senior police officials reached the village in the evening and police forces from neighbouring thanas were deployed in the area.

The atmosphere is tense in the village. The villagers still cannot understand how such a minor scuffle could escalate into a tragedy ruining a family.




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