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Anandabose commission recommends creation of virtual NRI constituencies

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Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 27 (IANS) The single member commission for labour reforms constituted by the Union government and led by retired chief secretary of Kerala, CV Anandabose, recommended the creation of a notional or virtual constituencies for NRI’s to elect representatives to legislative bodies including assembly and parliament from the country of their domicile.

The recommendation has been submitted to the Union government and is under active consideration.

CV Anandabose told IANS said, “Some of the recommendations submitted to the government have already been implemented. If this recommendation for creating virtual constituencies is executed, it will create six to eight MP’s additionally and this is being discussed and debated among the expatriates with enthusiasm.”

“This is the recommendation of the commission and to take it forward government may have to bring in legislations. The point is there are 2.5 crore NRIs across the globe and if we consider 30 lakh people as one constituency, there will be six to eight constituencies. However, everything depends on the concerned countries, some countries wont allow any agitations or even meetings but there are way out for all these,” the retired bureaucrat said.

The commission has also suggested registration, skill mapping, re-skilling and multi-skilling of returning expatriates.

“We also recommended creating a special purpose vehicle (SPV), for expats to encourage them to invest them in new enterprises,” said Anandabose.

The recommendations also called upon the Central government to facilitate the secure transfer of remittances of migrants through mobile banking and banking correspondents.

The recommendations also said that migrant workers have the right to access to vote through a postal ballot or a similar system and a national constituency may be created to serve NRIs. The suggestion said that the Indian embassies and consulates in foreign countries must conduct elections to offer the migrant workers a chance to vote.

The commission has recommended setting up of a Labour Authority of India as the nodal agency for all issues concerning to the labourers.

Anandabose said, “The commission have also recommended the merger of labour and employment ministries with the department of industry under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry”.

“We have already submitted the report on comprehensive labour policy and are in the process of submitting two more reports, one on India’s soft power and the other on our fisheries sector. They are ready for submission,” he said.

The commission has contacted 3,630 people for preparing the reports on their opinion.

Anandabose said ” The country has a workforce of 46.5 crore people including agriculture labourers and labourers from other sectors. We have taken into consideration the opinions from all these sections of the population before bringing out a report.”




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