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11,163 government offices in Kerala turn green

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11,163 government offices in Kerala turn green 11,163 government offices in Kerala turn green

Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 28 (IANS) Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that 11,163 government offices in the state have attained total cleanliness and green status. He said that while the target of the Haritha mission of the state government was for making 10,000 government offices green, 11,163 turned green following the active campaign by the department.

Vijayan said that the advantage of clean and green offices is a deposit for the future of the people of the state and added that the model created by the government offices will have a major impact on the people.

The “Clean Kerala Company” under the state government had collected 336 ton of non degradable waste while 152 ton of non degradable waste was collected from 62 local bodies with the support of a private company.

Minister for Local Bodies, AC Moideen said that the plan of the state government is to convert all the local bodies into zero waste institutions.

14,473 offices were subjected to grading based on the zero waste in these institutions and 11,163 got a green office certificate. 3410 offices got “A” grade, 3925 offices “B” grade and 3828 offices got “C” grade.

Haritha Kerala mission executive vice-chairperson, Dr TN Seema while speaking to media persons said, “Its been a great development and our mission is actively working for achieving the state turn totally green and clean.”




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