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Sunday fun-day with recipes from Bo-tai Switch

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By IANSlife Features

New Delhi, Jan 31 (IANSlife) BO-TAI Switch, strategically located in a cozy nook, at the plush environs of Shangri-La’s — Eros, hotel in Delhi, is the latest to join the elite premium dining segments in the Capital. The verbal pun on ‘Switch’ in connotes the dynamics of a chic dining space through the day which transitions into a high-energy, pulsating bar post-midnight which is a hot favourite among millennials in the city. IANSlife presents recipes for a few of the restaurants mouth watering dishes and yummy cocktails for you to try this Sunday

signature cocktail – hem and lion

– Tequila – 50 Ml

– Watermelon Juice – 40ml

– Thai Red Syrup – 15 Ml

– Lemon Juice – 20ml

– Ginger Juice – 15ml

– Hibiscus Tea – 40ml

– Sugar Syrup – 10ml

– Saline Solution – 5 Dash

– Method – Shaken

– Garnish – watermelon slice, mint, flowers

preserved raw mango & avocado salad (a vegan favourite)

Arugula Lettuce 50 Gm

Preserved Raw Mango 20 Gm

Avocado 80 Gm

Coriander Dressing 50 Gm

Cherry Tomato 10 Gm

Roasted Coconut Flakes 5 Gm

Chilli Powder 2 Gm

Breakfast Sugar 2 Ml

Seasoning Powder 5 Gm

Fried Shallots 5 Gm

Fried Basil Leaves 4-5 Leaves


– In a Mixing Bowl Add Arugula Lettuce, Cherry Tomato and Raw Mango Relish.

– Mix It Well by Adding Coriander Dressing in It.

– Put It in a Serving Plate.

– Take Half Avocado and Cut It in 4 Equal Sizes, Vertically.

– Put the Coriander Dressing in Avocado and Mix It Well.

– Keep It on the Top of Arugula. Garnish It With Roasted Coconut Flakes, Seasoning Mix, Fried Basil and Shallots.

– Serve It Cold.

For coriander dressing

– Fresh coriander 250 gm

– Sweet chilli sauce 300 gm

– Fresh green chilli 9-10 pcs

– Salt 1tsp

– Garlic 100 gm


– Put all the above ingredients in mixer grinder.

– Grind it till it becomes a smooth paste.

caramelized crispy prawns, thai raw mango

– Prawn 8/12 4 No.

– Chopped Onion 100 Gm

– Chopped Garlic 40 Gm

– Chopped Fresh Red Chilli 10 Gm

– Raw Mango 40 Gm

– Honey 1 Tbsp.

– Oyster Sauce 1 Tbsp.

– Broth Powder 5 Gm

– Coriander Roots 5 Gm

– Corn Flour 50 Gm

– Oil for Frying

– Fried Basil 4-5 Leaves

– Fried Garlic 2 Gm

– Fried Shallots 2 Gm

– Fried Kaffir Lime Leaves 2 No


– In a wok, saute chopped onion, garlic, red chilli and raw mango.

– Add the seasoning, honey, oyster sauce and broth powder till the onion gets caramelized. finish it by adding chopped coriander roots.

– Cook it well, and in the meanwhile dust the prawn with corn flour and deep fried it till it becomes crisp.

– Put the crispy prawns in the above sauce. toss it well in a way that each prawn is well coated with the sauce.

– Served hot it in a platter. garnish it with fried garlic; shallots, basil and kaffir lime leaves.

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