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Villagers lock up stray cattle in school

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Agra, Feb 2 (IANS) The people of an Agra village have hit upon a novel way to tackle stray cattle menace.

The people of Pachgai Khera village locked up dozens of cattle in a state-run primary school on Sunday. Raising slogans against the state government, they alleged that ‘officials did not understand our plight.’

They warned that they would continue doing so until the officials solved the problem.

“The stray cattle not only destroy our crop but also attack people, especially children. The officials refuse to take remedial steps and we have no option but to resort to such steps,” said Madan Lal Gautam, a local resident.

Meanwhile, administrative officials and police arrived in the village on receiving information about the cattle being locked on the school campus.

More than 50 stray cattle were shifted to a nearby cow shelter.

Additional District Magistrate Prabhakant Awasthi said, “The animal husbandry department shifted the locked cattle to a nearby cow shelter. We are increasing the capacity of cow shelters in the district. Besides, the administration is also taking necessary action to keep a tab on stray cattle menace.”




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