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Tiger cub found dead in Kaziranga National Park

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Tiger cub found dead in Kaziranga National Park

Guwahati, Feb 2 (IANS) A four-month-old female tiger cub was found dead in the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve in Assam on Tuesday, forest officials said.

The director of the national park, Karmashree P. Sivakumar, said that the Kaziranga Tazeng Anti-Poaching Range personnel detected the carcass of the tiger cub during regular patrolling.

He said that senior officials including veterinarians, officials from the National Tiger Conservation Authority, NGOs, and mediapersons visited the site, and after post-mortem and sample collection for further investigation, the cub was cremated.

According to Sivakumar, general observation and post-mortem revealed broken ribs and multiple puncture marks on the neck.

“The cause of death might be infighting among the animals,” he said.




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