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ABC News shoots to top spot on App Store charts following FB’s ban

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Sydney, Feb 20 (IANS) The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ABC News app shot to the top of Apple’s App Store charts in Australia over the course of the last few days, just after Facebook banned Australian news sources on its platform.

As Financial Times’ Uma Patel suggests in a tweet thread, that’s possibly because ABC capitalized on Facebook’s news ban with an ad sending users to its app, reports The verge.

ABC News currently sits at number 2 in the App Store’s overall app rankings in Australia, according to the analytics firm App Annie, and number 1 in the news app charts.

When Patel noticed the change, the app was also briefly number 1 overall, ahead of Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and the Facebook app itself, the report said.

Facebook’s ban was in response to an expansive Australian regulatory measure that will force tech platforms to pay Australian media companies for the content users share (and that platforms earn ad revenue from).

Facebook took issue with the change and prohibited Australian news and media organizations from sharing news posts, and Australian users from seeing news from international sources as well.

The ban also seemed to accidentally wipe out the posts from government pages and some other sites.




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