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Andhra Pradesh sees unusual February rains

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Amaravati, Feb 19 (IANS) In an unusual development, several parts of Andhra Pradesh witnessed rains on Friday afternoon in the winter month of February.

Though the Met Department had forecast rain for south coastal areas of the state, it rained in Krishna and West Godavari districts as well.

Kaikaluru town in Krishna district witnessed heavy rain in the afternoon while it rained for around half an hour in villages such as Kolanapalli, Doddanapudi, Kalla, Kuppanapudi and others.

After stopping all evening, the rains resumed around 10 p.m. in these villages in the West Godavari district.

Both Thursday and Friday were cloudy in these villages, especially Friday being sunless.

According to the Met Department, a cyclonic circulation is prevalent over coastal Andhra Pradesh and neighbourhood, and predicted thunderstorms, accompanied by lightning, to occur very likely in parts of south coastal AP and Rayalaseema as well on Saturday.

Sudden unseasonal showers give jitters to aquaculture farmers, especially prawn farmers in the coastal districts such as East and West Godavari.

Weather shocks do not bode well for prawn culture as they demand baby-like pampering and are easily vulnerable to various factors.

As harvest time is still a month away for paddy crops, the dominant crop in these districts, farmers could heave a sigh of relief for now.

Rains in February are extremely rare in this part of the country.




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