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49% people in Kerala ‘not satisfied’ with Amit Shah’s work: Survey

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49% people in Kerala 'not satisfied' with Amit Shah's work: Survey

New Delhi, Feb 27 (IANS) Almost half of a group of people in poll-bound Kerala expressed their dissatisfaction with the work of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the IANS C-Voter Opinion Poll survey said.

Among more than 8,796 people surveyed in the last six weeks in Kerala, 49.55 per cent said they are not satisfied with Shah’s work.

Of those, 28.4 per cent said they are satisfied with the Home Minister’s work at some extent while 16.92 per cent said they are very much satisfied with his work.

The number of people who were not satisfied with the work of the BJP leader was 35.63 per cent in Puducherry, 33.65 per cent in Trinamool Congress ruling West Bengal, 16 per cent in Tamil Nadu and 15.54 per cent in BJP ruled Assam.

A total of 22.98 per cent people were satisfied with the work of Shah to some extent followed by 21.3 per cent with similar opinion in West Bengal, 14. 84 per cent in Tamil Nadu and 12.1 per cent in Puducherry.

However, the maximum of 33.41 per cent people said they were very much satisfied with Shah’s work followed by 33.17 per cent in Assam, 22.63 per cent in Puducherry and 5.54 per cent in Tamil Nadu.

The survey was done considering Assembly elections in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Puducherry between March 27 to April 29. The Election Commission on Friday announced the poll schedule for these four states and one Union Territory.




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