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Afghanistan marks National Day of Armed Forces

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Kabul, Feb 27 (IANS) Afghanistan on Saturday marked the National Day of Armed Forces as the security forces continued fighting a Taliban-led insurgency, the state-run TV channel reported.

“The National Day of Armed Forces is the greatest day, it is the greatest honor for people of Afghanistan and the state government to celebrate this great day,” Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani told a ceremony held at country’s Defence Ministry and broadcasted live in Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA).

“Your morale is unique. You are the real guardians of Afghanistan’s Constitution and you are the guardians of this land, the great nation of Afghanistan stands behind you,” Ghani said.

Earlier in the day, Ghani laid a wreath at a minaret inside the ministry’s compound after inspecting guards of honour to pay tribute to security forces who have sacrificed their lives for peace and security, Xinhua reported.

The Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) has been continuing cleanup operations across Afghanistan in recent months as daily violence and clashes remain in the country.

The ANDSF remains in control of most of the Afghanistan’s population centres and all the 34 provincial capitals, but the Taliban insurgents control large portions of rural areas, staging coordinated large-scale attacks against Afghan cities and districts from time to time.

Eligible military officers and soldiers received awards and medals from the President and other high-ranking officials during the ceremony.




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