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Temple culture linked to Goa’s cultural identity: CM

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Temple culture linked to Goa's cultural identity: CM

Panaji, Feb 27 (IANS) If culture associated with Goa’s temples vanishes, then it will be difficult to preserve Goan culture in its entirety, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Saturday.

Speaking at a function organised to inaugurate a local music festival, Sawant also bemoaned the fact that even the practice of regular arti performance was dying in Goa’s temples, despite efforts by the state government to promote art and culture.

“If our temple culture vanishes, then it will be difficult to preserve the entirety of our culture. This is very important. This is not the government’s responsibility alone. This is the responsibility of all Goans,” Sawant said at the function held here.

“On the one hand, we (government) are spending a lot of money, creating infrastructure, manpower. We are doing all these things, but then why aren’t artis being conducted in Goa’s temples, let alone bhajans. Should the government organise such things too? Who will preserve village cultures and temple cultures?” Sawant said.

The Chief Minister also called for a music revolution in Goa over the next sixty years, as a step towards retaining indigenous culture and the spirit of Goanness.

“Goa needs a revolution in music. We are celebrating 60 years of Goa’s liberation. It is also a time to look back, as well as to look ahead at the next 60 years and what we will achieve then. If we preserve our culture we will retain our Goanness,” Sawant said, calling for a collaboration between the government, artists and social organisations involved in the area of culture.




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