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Google may introduce ‘Wear OS screen recording’ tool

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San Francisco, Feb 28 (IANS) Search engine giant Google is reportedly planning to introduce screen recording features for Wear OS smartwatch devices.

The upcoming feature will add the ability to record the screen in video format from the Wear OS smartphone app and then share them.

The feature is still in development and Google has not given anything away with regard to use cases for the feature. The details regarding the limits on the length of recordings are also not disclosed yet.

The Wear OS app on Android has already launched the feature “Take a screenshot of watch” from the overflow menu in the top-right corner.

A notification then appears on your phone with a tap opening the system Share sheet.

In addition, Google is all set to introduce a built-in screen recorder to Chrome OS in March. Google expects the tool will make it easier for students and teachers to record virtual lessons.

The Google blog post reads, “Teachers have long been recording lessons to help students do homework and study for exams, but over the last year, it has become absolutely critical to e-learning.”




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