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‘Those opposing farm laws will feel guilty for stalling them’

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By Shashi Bhushan

New Delhi, Feb 28 (IANS) BJP Kisan Morcha National President Raj Kumar Chahar said that political parties misleading farmers over the new farm laws will feel guilty for their actions in future for stalling the Union government’s efforts to double farmers’ income.

He also said there is no question of going back on the three new farm laws.

Chahar told IANS that farmers must give a try to the new farm laws for some time and see whether they are benefiting them or not. “Once experiencing the benefits of new laws, farmers’ leaders and political parties will realise that they misled the innocent farmers. In future they will feel guilty for stalling the implementation of pro-farmer laws,” he said.

Chahar, also BJP MP from Fatehpur Sikri, said that the Modi government is confident that reforms will benefit the farmers especially with small land holdings.

“When we are confident of the benefits of farm laws, there is no question of going on backfoot,” he said.

“The Modi government is working with the sole objective of welfare of people. Everyone must understand that the Modi government will not do anything which is against the interest of citizens or the country. These three new farm laws have been brought for the benefit of farmers and the Union government under leadership of Prime Minister Modi is confident of its benefits,” he said.

Chahar alleged that some political parties are misleading farmers for their own vested political interests.

“Instead of coming forward with suggestions if they think these new laws are not benefiting farmers, some political parties have created confusion with their lies and misinformation. Due to misinformation campaigns by these political parties confusion spread among farmers. But despite their efforts, truth will prevail that the new farm laws were brought for welfare of farmers,” he said.

He claimed that the Congress is at the forefront of a misinformation campaign against the new farm laws.

“Congress and other political parties failed to bring laws to reform the farm sector. They have done nothing to empower farmers. Now the Modi government brought new laws, but they are opposing it,” he said.

He pointed out that everyone including political parties and leaders of farmers’ associations know the benefits of the new laws and are doing politics at the cost of farmers by opposing them.

“Those opposing the new farm laws fear that once the farmers start getting benefits of the new laws, their politics will end. For their political survival Congress and others have created an atmosphere of fear among farmers about the new farm laws,” he said.

Chahar appealed that farmers must come forward and form a group as per the new laws and take the benefits. “I appeal to all the farmers to form a group of 300 as mandated by law and take the benefits of reforms before taking a final call about new laws,” he said.

Leading from the front, Chahar announced that he is going to do farming as per the new laws and invited opposition leaders to experience it.




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