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We have defeated much bigger enemy: Rahul on PM

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We have defeated much bigger enemy: Rahul on PM

Chennai, Feb 28 (IANS) Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a formidable enemy, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said ‘we have defeated much bigger enemy than this’.

“We are fighting a formidable enemy that is dominating money in the country and crushing the opponents. But we have done this before. We have defeated a much bigger enemy (British),” he said during an interaction with academicians at the St Xavier College in Tirunelveli.

“Seventy-two years ago, the British were much more powerful than how Narendra Modi will ever be. Who is he when compared to the British empire,” he asked.

“People of this country sent the British empire back and in the same way we will send Narendra Modi back to Nagpur,” the Congress leader said in an obvious reference to RSS headquarters in Maharashtra.

Rahul Gandhi made the remarks when a participant wanted to know if he felt it was possible to nudge the Modi government to implement his ‘good ideas’ rather than waiting to assume power.

The Congress leader said that he will defeat the Prime Minister by following the path of love and non-violence. “We will do it without any hatred, anger and violence. They can do whatever on us. Abuse, kick and spit on our face. We will not do it back,” he said.

The Congress MP from Wayanad believes that change could be brought about with the help of people.

“We have to dream big. May be everything will not be a reality, but 60-80 per cent will be,” he said.

The Congress MP slammed the Modi government for turning education, agriculture and healthcare into financial commodities. He remarked that India is heading to a situation wherein nothing will be available without money.

Rahul Gandhi said the Central government’s whole game is to steal the money of the ordinary people, including that of the farmers, with initiatives like farm laws, and give it away to the big corporates.

The Congress leader said that while the BJP-led government claimed to represent Hinduism in several ideas they espoused, they had nothing to do with the faith.

“Hinduism does not preach insulting, killing or beating up people, but they do it,” he said, adding that the essence of all religions is love.




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