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Fascinated by how locals celebrate cricket in India: Waugh

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New Delhi, March 1 (IANS) Former Australia captain Steve Waugh said that he had a culture shock when he came to Mumbai for the first time.

Waugh said that he has always been fascinated with how locals in India celebrated cricket.

“Landing in Bombay or Mumbai, as it is now, was a total culture shock, there were just people everywhere, there were cars and bikes and animals and rats and cats running along the footpath and it was just like, where am I? I am in a different world which was just a total shock and a bombardment of the senses,” said Waugh in the documentary ‘Capturing Cricket: Steve Waugh in India’ that is currently streaming on Discovery Plus.

Waugh’s first visit to the country for cricket was during Australia’s 1986/87 tour of India. He played as an all-rounder at the time and had meagre returns of 59 runs and two wickets in the three Tests he played.

“Capturing Cricket is especially very near to my heart as it covers two of my passions that is cricket and photography. Since, my first visit to India in 1986, I was always fascinated by how the locals celebrated the sport of cricket. My recent journey visiting Taj Mahal, Chinnaswamy Stadium, the Maharajah Lakshmi Vilas Palace, HPCA Stadium, Oval Maidan, as well as locations around Delhi and Kolkata, gave me stories and lifetime memories. I am positive that when the fans in India watch the documentary, they will be able to feel the very emotion of the journey,” said Waugh at the launch of the documentary.




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